Legacy Leadership is not a leadership style, trend, or a list of things to do. It is an expression of the foundational framework that guides the behaviors and attitudes of a great leader. It is the wisdom of the ages structured and packaged for the new economy. Its truths and Best Practices are timeless, proven keys to sustained significance—and form the foundation for real-time legacy in today's business environment. Legacy Leadership® is a complete system—a philosophy, a process and a model. Legacy Leadership® is not a leadership style—it is a LIFE-style.

Legacy Leadership® was developed in response to the changing global marketplace, the need to fully engage the talents of everyone in the organization, and the need to foster innovation and the development of individuals, teams and whole corporations. This leadership approach is not about leaving a legacy, but rather living a legacy. This legacy in leadership actively grows the leaders of tomorrow, and insures continued corporate success. Through extensive work and collaboration with business executives and leader coaches in both domestic and international corporate environments, CoachWorks has distinguished the unique competencies and practices of consistently successful leaders.

This vital, highly adaptable and proven model is based on over 40 years of the combined experiences of Drs. Lee Smith and Jeannine Sandstrom in individual, corporate and organizational leadership development. Drs. Smith and Sandstrom have refined reliable time-honored principles into an intentional, powerful system for success—today and tomorrow.

The Model and The Five Best Practices

Legacy Leadership Five Best PracticesLegacy Leadership® is based on The 5 Best Practices that make good leaders great leaders—Legacy Leaders®. These Legacy Leaders® are not only memorable and lasting leaders themselves, but leaders who build other leaders.

We hear stories every day about the lack of strong leadership talent. Legacy Leadership® is a comprehensive model for developing such talented leaders. It includes competencies and practices with immediate applicability to most every possibility and challenge the leader today faces. These practices embrace both vision and accountability for results, as well as methods for creating an environment for team success, strong and dependable relationships, and maximizing the talents of diverse perspectives and strengths.

Given that leadership is so complex, we have distinguished five core competency platforms (The 5 Best Practices of Legacy Leadership®) and associated critical skills for successful leadership. These platforms represent a complete set of observable and measurable behaviors. These behaviors, when used in total, are leverage points for success. We have included those practices of leadership that are essential for every leader, regardless of their industry or level within the organization.

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1. Click here to download the "Model Card" of Legacy Leadership (2-sided "card," and easy-to-understand summary of the model.

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