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This is a comprehensive 360 feedback tool for self- and 360-assessment, based on the 10 Critical Success Skills for each of the 5 Best Practices. 50 questions are answered by the participant and by selected bosses, peers, direct reports and customers (if applicable). This is a DUAL factor inventory, which means that the raters are asked to rank the person for both PERFORMANCE and EXPECTATIONS of performance. Raters also have the ability to make comments, as desired. The assessment is taken online. CoachWorks administers the online 360 program, providing instructions, passwords and oversight during the assessment process. After all raters have completed feedback, a confidential/security protected report (in electronic PDF format) is generated for the participant/sponsor with full-color graphs. The report includes helpful information for interpretation and coaching and very detailed tables showing hidden strengths and blind spots. The system will handle multiple raters (minimum of three, no maximum) in each of the 360 categories (boss, peer, direct report, customer) and one self-assessment.

The LLCI 360 Feedback tool, can be also be used as both a pre-training/coaching and post assessment, to provide a method of determining increased levels of performance in order to track return on investment and commitment to leadership growth through coaching or other organizational initiatives.


If desired, the 360 can be customized to ask specific targeted questions, in addition to the standardized assessment. If customization is desired, please contact CoachWorks directly (this cannot be arranged at the website).

The Legacy Leadership® Competency Inventory™ is also available for individual self assessment in hard copy format (booklet) at the CoachWorks® store. Click here to visit the store.


This 360 assessment service is available for both individual (one participant) and corporate (facilitated by an internal or external coach or other sponsor) use. Individuals may use this service for personal/professional coaching purposes. Organizations may choose to provide feedback for certain groups of people (teams, leaders, managers, etc.)

Group Report Available

The group report is valuable when organizations are performing 360 feedback on whole teams or groups of individuals, and shows the level of leadership competency for a team. It serves as a diagnostic if there are common gaps in leadership abilities. It is a vital feedback tool for the group as a whole. (This group report, or team 360s, CAN BE ORDERED THROUGH THE COACHWORKS WEBSTORE here.) Click here to visit store.

One of the advantages of the Legacy Leadership® Competency Inventory online 360 Feedback service is that the entire process is completely monitored and administered by CoachWorks®. Exceptional care is given to be sure all raters file in correct categories, so that the resulting report is accurate by category. CoachWorks also stands by to troubleshoot or answer any questions which might arise during the process, from either raters or sponsoring individuals. The ability to customize the comments section is also a helpful advantage. The 30+ page report generated is complete, accurate, and contains everything needed to properly interpret results and provide powerful coaching information for clients.